July 29, 2016

perfectha-1-3PERFECTHA® is manufactured 100% in France by SINCLAIR PHARMA in its laboratory specialized in the research, development and manufacturing of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers, and ISO 13485 certified since 2007. The biocompatibility and performance of the entire PERFECTHA® range have been clinically demonstrated. PERFECTHA® complies with all safety standards required by health authorities and has been CE marked since 2007. With more than 10 years of clinical use, 2.8 million syringes sold worldwide, PERFECTHA® has established itself among the leaders on the aesthetic market.



E-Brid Technology is the state of the art manufacturing process characterized by 3 main steps:

1. Only High Molecular Weight and High Purity Sodium Hyaluronate Fibers.
2. Enhanced process of Cross-linking to obtain a higher number of covalent bonds to make a very elastic gel (Great Volumizing Effect / Long Lasting).
3. Controlled mixing process to combine highly cross-linked HA with a small amount of non cross-linked HA giving PERFECTHA® excellent flow properties improving the ease of injection.



Because of the high elasticity of PERFECTHA®, the volume obtained after the application guarantees excellent results. Providing the practitioner an immediate effect, PERFECTHA® reduces the risk of overcorrection giving the desired volume with a small amount of gel.



Thanks to the E-Brid Technology, PERFECTHA® permits a smooth injection given the low extrusion force needed to inject the gel, and the addition of non cross-linked HA which acts as a lubrication agent and as a skin quality booster. Also the controlled particle size of PERFECTHA® and its thin wall needle, helps the gel to have a regular flow reducing any possible discomfort during injection.



Being highly cross-linked, PERFECTHA® provides an excellent duration due to its slow enzymatic degradation, retarding the effect of the hyaluronidase over the hyaluronic acid allowing the gel to stay longer in the skin. The controlled particles size also help to an uniform reabsorption reducing the risk of any undesirable results or change during time.


PERFECTHA® is a non-cytotoxic product, and complies with the standards of safety for dermal fillers. With a non-detectable BDDE residual content, with a low Endotoxin level and with a low Protein Load, PERFECTHA® proves to be a very safe product. Since 2007 more than 2.5 million syringes have been sold worldwide with a very low incidence of side effects.


PERFECTHA® is manufactured 100% in France in its own facilities, giving to Doctors and Patients the assurance of a product made with the highest standards of quality.